SIDAIXUE stationery started in 2001, the founder Kaishu Shen from Cangnan County-hometown of printing.


Initially, Shen mainly engaged in packaging and printing products. Shen has been deeply influenced by the traditional Chinese ingenuity culture since childhood. He focuses on product quality and process control. 


In order to carry forward the culture of ingenuity within the enterprise and inherit it, Shen found notebook to be the most suitable product.


Because the notebook can record, record let time eternal, record can inherit this ingenuity!   

Mr. Tang as the leader of the new generation, adhering to the concept and spirit of ingenuity, he established Shanghai Tango Industry Co., Ltd. in 2005, specialized in custom business style leather notebook. Tango initially only engaged in domestic trade, due to the emphasis on quality and craftsmanship, by cooperating with many domestic big brands, Tango grown rapidly.


With the good development of the international environment, Mr.Tang wants to share more of our high quality products to all of the world. So opened Ali international station in 2012 and won the Ali e-commerce growth star in just 2 years.


In the next 4 years, have cooperated with many international notebook brands, like LV, Porsche, Ferrari, Starbucks and other well-known influential brands,customize their own notebook.


Tango has been injecting fresh blood in the growth of generations, has been absorbing young and creative talents. While paying attention to quality, we also pay attention to the international market situation, timely update innovative and creative styles, and create highly distinctive customized notebooks exclusive to customers.


In 2019, Tango created a new brand, SIDAIXUE.


SIDAIXUE is a new brand born from the accumulation and precipitation of Tango. It not only inherits the spirit of ingenuity of Tango, but also develops customized services.


SIDAIXUE new slogan is:Do our best,make your great!


For provide our customer high-quality products and more professional services, SIDAIXUE has a complete service team from design to after-sales, and has professional ISO9001, FSC, BSCI and other related certificates, even more than 10+ international best selling style products have patent certificates.


The new generation of Sidaixue team is still adhering to the culture of ingenuity and doing one thing well with heart, but this young and diverse team has also been committed to do their best to make customer great, so SIDAIXUE also launched some new product lines, like pen, calender, tote bag, office tools, provide customer one-step solution service.


With the progress of the times, SIDAIXUE has been keeping up with the trend of the times.


We are always on the road!



If you are interested in our project, please contact us and we will arrange relevant personnel to contact you as soon as possible.